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pensacola_store's Journal

Pensacola Store
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this is a community for pensacola fl and the area surrounding
you can sell,trade,or advertise for your store locations,websites,or auctions
just a few things
you can post pics but please post the 2nd one behind the lj cut(just to cut down on the clutter)
sell/trade/auction at your own risk we are NOT responisble for any mis-haps that happen with your deals i.e. non payment
(just post a warning if you have non payment user!!!)
oh please don't sell anything illegal (and no porn it's just icky)
do not post your contact info(i.e. street address or phone number) in this journal make arrangements through your email
please be kind
rude/mean/harsh words will not be tolerated
so do not comment with a mean word
also display your art!!! you don't have to sell it...
we just like to look at pretty things...

so have fun!!!!